What you need to avoid the viral monkeypox disease

Dr. Charles-Davies answers frequently asked questions on monkeypox disease

You must have heard about the recent outbreak of monkeypox in Bayelsa. A question that most likely popped up in your mind was: “What on earth is monkeypox?”

Well, as the name suggests, it was first discovered among some isolated monkeys in Denmark in 1958. It was not known to affect humans until 1970 when a 9 year old boy was discovered to have monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, there have been a few outbreaks mainly in West and Central Africa.

Is monkeypox virus deadly?

Yes, it can be deadly. Although not as deadly as smallpox and definitely not as deadly as Ebola.
Monkeypox kills less than 10% of people who contract it. The most common form of smallpox killed about 30% of people who had it, with up to 80% of people infected developing serious scars, especially on their faces. The average risk of death from ebola among those infected was higher than 50% in the last outbreak in West Africa.
Even though it is far less deadly when compared to smallpox and Ebola, it is important to know it’s signs, symptoms and how it is prevented.

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